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The history of Nemiroff has a century and a half

The ancestor of Nemiroff, the biggest distillery of Podolia in Ukraine, was founded in 1872. Over the century and a half, the company has gained popularity in 80 countries and in 5 continents. People know, love and buy our vodkas all over the world.



140 years of manufacturing tradition

popular in 80 countries

Live water is the basis of Nemiroff vodka

The natural water purity, that defines the taste of vodka, is a unique advantage of Nemiroff. Our artesian water is exceptional in composition. It is filtered by minerals, which are more than 540 million years old, giving it special properties. We draw it from deep sources, which are protected from external influences by a granite slab. This makes the taste of Nemiroff unique and clean.


Nemiroff vodkas received more than
60 prestigious awards in the last 10 years

  • 2015

    International Spirits Challenge

    Nemiroff Delikat — Gold Medal

    Nemiroff Lex — Bronze Medal

    Nemiroff Original — Bronze Medal

  • 2010

    San Francisco World Spirits Competition

    Nemiroff LEX Ultra — Double Gold Medal

    Nemiroff Delikat — Double Gold Medal

    The Superior Taste Awards

    Nemiroff Delikat — Remarkable Taste, 2 stars

    Nemiroff LEX Ultra — Remarkable Taste, 2 stars

  • 2009

    Chicago Tasting Institute

    Nemiroff Original — Silver Medal

    Nemiroff Delikat — Silver Medal

    The Vodka Masters

    Nemiroff Birch Special — Gold Medal

    Nemiroff LEX Ultra — Gold Medal

  • 2004

    Chicago Tasting Institute

    Nemiroff Lex Vodka — Gold Medal

    Nemiroff De-Luxe Vodka — Gold Medal

    Nemiroff Honey Pepper Vodka — Silver Medal

    Chicago Tasting Institute

    Nemiroff Original — Silver Medal

    Nemiroff Delikat — Silver Medal

Technology is the key to high quality of Nemiroff


We carefully choose our spirits. They should be elegant, in harmony with the water, and top range only. We "straighten" them in order to create a high-quality vodka. It means that, with help of high pressure and high temperature, we make out a clear basis of spirit. And that makes our taste genuine and harmonious.

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Nemiroff creates new tastes

We are continuously expanding the taste palette of Nemiroff, improving the old tastes and developing new ones. We adapt our vodka to a variety of countries and their preferences by creating aftertastes which are unique and characteristic only for them.

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Natural ingredients are the whole our secret

We use only natural herbs for products and aromatic spirits. It makes our taste memorable and unique. People often buy our vodka even as a gift for their family and friends, take it home as a souvenir or a treat. Once we received a compliment from the Frenchmen: "Aromatic alcohol of Nemiroff is a French perfume of 18th century". And we fully agree with them.

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Nemiroff is the premium men's taste and status

Nemiroff Vodka is not only a sophisticated taste, but also the status attribute for real men. Vodka LEX has starred in the music video of Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”. It was watched 635 million times and became the most popular YouTube video of 2009-2010. And the whole look of LEX was created by Frenchman Philippe Seys, who is a trendsetter of industrial design.

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